Carpathian Autumn Vacation in 2024 – the Best Place for Rest

Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is one of the best places for recreation in Europe. It is the land of culture and history. Thousands of people come here each winter to enjoy the spectacular views, to get into the atmosphere of absolute comfort, and to test the best snow-covered slopes in the country. But not everyone knows that Carpathian Mountains are not only about skiing and Christmas. It is one of the best destinations to go to in autumn season too.

The true wilderness of Carpathians opens up in autumn specifically. Snow covered slopes transform into a kingdom of fiery-red oaks and pines while mountain pastures become a carpet of fallen leaves and mushrooms. But the beauty of the mountains is not the only thing to enjoy here. Do you know what else, except magnificent nature attracts so many tourists to this place no matter how bad the weather is? The Carpathians in autumn is as good as in any other period of time. No matter how cold or warm the weather is, you can always find what to do here, especially when colder seasons come. When it comes to vacation in Carpathians in autumn, every tourist will easily find something interesting to his/her taste. Looking for cozy, relaxed holidays? Come to the Carpathians. Looking for extreme off-road expeditions? Come to the Carpathians. Looking for a family vacation with children? Again, come to the Carpathians. Here’s a quick guide how to organize your next best vacation in Carpathians when autumn comes.

Where to Go in Carpathians in September: Carpathians Vacation in Autumn

Carpathians vacation in autumn is all about comfort and extreme. You can either go for a passive or active outdoor rest or successfully combine all in one.

First of all, you have to pick a place to stay. It is very important for such a big region that the place you’ve chosen is equally close to all the activities, which you might want to take part in. One of the best options for those who are planning to come with families or a group of friends can be Koruna. It is a hotel compound located not far from locations for those autumn activities, which so many tourists go for in the Carpathians.

So, since the place is chosen, it’s high time to pick the activities to try. Where to go in Carpathians in September? In fact, everything depends on what you’re looking for. Outdoor rest? Calm rest? Refreshing rest? Harmony with nature? Recreation and entertainment? Extreme? Carpathian Mountains have a plenty of things to choose from.

  • Fishing. Who knew fishing could be so much fun? It is impossible to imagine Carpathians vacation in autumn without this activity. This time of the year, you get a chance to catch the biggest fish in the river. Just cast the line and voila!
  • And what about mushrooms? To go mushrooming in the Carpathians is a рщдшвфн dream of many people. It is one of the most popular activities among tourists of all ages and nationalities. Everyone wants to harvest the biggest Carpathian mushrooms. Don’t be afraid, you don’t need to go deep into the wood. Everything is just a few minutes walk from Koruna hotel;
  • Unique hot tub (“chan”) with herbs is a highlight of the Carpathians. If you don’t want to leave your place for fishing and mushrooms, get a cup of tea and a hot chan with herbs directly in the hotel. This activity is for those who want to feel what a true relaxation is. Get new exciting experiences with this unique wellness procedure, which is available in this region only. Where else can you sit in a hot herbal chan, sipping a cup of tea, and enjoying the magnificent views of mountains? Only here!
  • Kids gaming room will become the best place to rest for your children. Even the smallest tourists can choose among indoor and outdoor activities while staying here;
  • Bike rides. How to make bike rides more enjoyable? Organize them during your Carpathians vacation in autumn. Beautiful views of fiery-red trees and a yellow carpet of fallen leaves will make any bike ride millions time better than usual. Ride all day long, find shortcuts, make intervals, take breaks to enjoy the nature around, soak it up, and get a picture. Believe us, it will be such a beautiful ride;

Bike ride

  • Looking for something more extreme? Then, take an off-road expedition. In autumn, many Carpathian roads become an extreme activity for everyone who wants to enjoy the unknown places of the region. A quad bike trip promises new emotions and unforgettable impressions. Don’t be afraid to try something new. You can always book a trip not going too far from Koruna hotel;
  • Adventure park. Get ready to take your vacation to new heights. Try the activity that has you up in the trees – outdoor forest adventure park. There is no better way to make your vacation a little bit more extreme and interesting than going to this park. No crazy climbing skills required! The park is designed for different ages and different climbing abilities. It is a combination of zip lines and climbing exercises. «Vedmezha lazanka» has different levels of difficulty for adults and children as well. Observe Carpathians vacation in autumn from new heights. This amusement park is not far from Koruna hotel, so you won’t have problems to reach it even if you have a big family;
  • Looking for something active without a need to leave your hotel? In the Carpathians, you have ideal conditions to go in for sports, especially in the autumn season when the weather is comfortable enough for doing everything – football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. And what about swimming? Even in autumn, you have a chance to swim to your heart’s content in the indoor swimming pool. There is no doubt that swimming is one of the best activities you can do for your health and body fit. Do you know that swimming can burn up to 700 calories per hour?
  • Paintball is far more than a favorite activity among younger generations who come to the Carpathians because of an active way of spending their free time. Autumn paintball in the forest is way better than any paintball you’ve ever seen before. And the autumn weather is exactly what you need to make this game comfortable enough to play all day long. It is not too cold as well as not too hot.

All of these activities make the Carpathians a perfect destination for your autumn vacation. Where else in Europe can you enjoy the beauty of nature with so many benefits for your health and mood? Hopefully, you don’t think that Carpathian Mountains is a winter region only no more. Now, you know a clear answer to the question of where to go in Carpathians in September and what to do there on your trip. There are so many wonderful options if you choose mountains this time of year. So, pick what kind of activity you want to do and start planning your Carpathians vacation right now in case you don’t want to miss a chance to book a comfortable room in a hotel.

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