Recreation summer in Carpathians

2016-05-05 | koruna
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If you visit Carpathians with your family, then hiking is the best choice for all family members. Both elderly people and small children will wander through the forest trails, listen to birds’ songs, and smell the aroma of pine carpet or mown grass with great pleasure. Calm and slow promenade will help you to relax from daily stress and nervous work, pass time with your family and admire Carpathian landscapes.

Gathering berries and mushrooms

We really have a lot to offer for mushroom and berry “hunters”, since Carpathian forests are rich on various goodies. Picking berries and mushrooms would be especially interesting for children. Besides, what can be tastier than a strawberry or blueberry, found personally? Just find out the best routs for gathering berries at the hotel’s reception, and don’t forget a basket!


Carpathians are famous not only for their picturesque landscapes and natural wonders, but also for ancient and rich Hutsul culture. If you’re eager to find out something new about the history of Carpathian land, then you should visit Yaremche, Kolomiya, Nadvirna – the administrators of our hotel will advise you the most interesting and informative routes. And for the lovers of impressive landscapes we’ll offer the excursions to Yablunytsky pass, Trufanetsky and Zhanetsky waterfalls, and of course, Dovbush rocks, where the years ago the legendary outlaw Oleksa was hiding.


In Carpathians, bicycle is not only the means of transport, but also a source of bright impressions and adrenaline. You can ride along the excursion routes, training your feet and heart, or you can thrill yourself by riding through steep forest trails and mountain serpentines. And what is important – you don’t have to take your bicycle with you, since hotel “Koruna” has its own rent, where you can choose a bike both for you and your children.

Mountain hiking

For many tourists climbing the mountains is an indispensable component of the Carpathian tour. However, not everyone is keen on long exhausting tours and overnight in tents. So, when stopping in hotel “Koruna”, you can climb the mountains without sacrificing your comfort and rest. We offer one-day tours to mountains Homjak (1542 m), Petros (Chornogora, 2020 m) or Hoverla (2061 m) under the control of a guide. No less important is the fact that you don’t have to take all travel gear with you – “Koruna” will provide all the necessary staff right before your walk. And after the active pastime you will appreciate the rest in our hotel’s sauna and enjoy delicious barbecue at “Koruna” restaurant.

Quad bikes riding

Active tourists are offered to challenge themselves by driving quad bikes – a lot of impressions and adrenaline rush are guaranteed! Narrow forest trails, marshes, shallow rivers and mountain serpentines are the best routes for quad bikes. If you are not afraid of becoming a bit dirty and wet, then don’t hesitate!


What can be better than bathing in the mountain river during the hot summer days? Only rafting! Fight with the heat actively, exploring rapids and bends of Carpathian rivers under the instructor’s control. Rafting doesn’t require any special skills, and all the necessary equipment will be provided to you. You definitely won’t become bored with such pastime!

Tennis, football, volleyball

You can pass your time actively and merrily without leaving the hotel’s territory. “Koruna” has a well-equipped tennis court and mini-football and volleyball field. Just ask the administrator about the ball, rackets or volleyball net. Our hotel has much to offer for the active young company, as well as for the family with children and businessmen during the business meetings.

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