Spring Holidays in the Carpathians

The Carpathians is the right place to visit any time of the year, but especially in spring. Tourists can benefit from great weather and wonderful views. The Carpathian region is not only famous for its nature, its historic sights are equally famous.

The Precarpathian region is not that big. If the tourist chooses the right hotel to stay he will reach the major sights within an hour or two. A nice place to stay is Tatariv. Hotel Koruna has good location and offers cheap holidays in the Carpathians any season. The hotel has excellent cuisine and offers various entertainment activities. It is an ideal place to rest with the family or conduct a business conference.

Spring is one of the best seasons to visit the Carpathians. There are less tourists than in winter. The guests can enjoy the beautiful waterfalls, open bazaars, vast natural reserves and monasteries. Develop your spring vacation plan to take the most advantage of the Carpathian beauty.

Hoverla mountain

Holidays in the Carpathians in Spring 2024: The Best Places to Consider

Carpathians spring holidays is a good chance to discover the region. The air is fresh. The trees flourish. The waterfalls run here and there. Holidays in the Carpathians in spring can become memorable if you plan the trip well.

To have unforgetable spring holidays, you have to see:

Mountain peaks. Spring is the right time to discover the beauty of the mountains. They are covered in grass and flowers. The Carpathian mountains are ideal for hiking.

  • Khomyak mountain. The height of the mount is 1542 meters. It is one of the highest peaks, situated in Tatariv village. You can easily reach the mount, when you stay in ‘Koruna’ hotel. This mountain is ideal for hiking. The majority of the mount area is rather steep what makes it an excellent place to exercise extreme sports. The tourists are advised to travel with a guide to avoid getting lost.
  • Hoverla. It is the highest mountain peak in Ukraine, reaching 2061 meters. Hiking in Hoverla has become legendary. If you and your family like mountain climbing, go to Hoverla in spring. When climbing the mountains you will also have a chance to observe unique flora and fauna.
  • Bukovel. It is a mountain that gained its recent popularity due to the ski resort situated on its hills. Today, the cable road takes the tourists higher over the Bukovel. The view on the mountain in spring is amazing. This part of the Carpathians is full of coniferous trees, making the air fresh and fragrant all year round. You can stay in Bukovel region literally any season.

Waterfalls. The Carpathians are famous for its small and big waterfalls. In spring, when the they become more full-flowing, the tourists get amazing views. There are waterfalls that are situated right in the middle of crowded tourist villages, and others are hidden from the view. Spring holidays in the Carpathians are impossible to imagine without seeing the waterfalls.

  • Probiy waterfall in Yaremche is situated right in the tourist part of the town. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in the Carpathians. It’s height is around 25 meters. It is a huge cascade waterfall. The water from it flows into the Prut river. To enjoy the waterfall better, there are numerous bridges that cross the Prut. Some of them are dangerous to cross. There is an cableway over it, though, so some extreme is also possible.
  • Huk Zhenetski waterfall. It is, on the contrary, quite a small and waterfall. In winter it is covered with ice. In the spring, the water starts to flow again, falling from the height of 15 meters. This waterfall is ideal to visit for people who love to enjoy nature in not-so-popular tourist places.
  • ‘Divochy Slozy’. This small waterfall is particularly admired by children. It is one level waterfall in Yaremche. The height of falling water is around 1,5 meters. In spring when the temperature gets higher the parents allow the children to play in water and under the waterfall stream.

Valleys. The Carpathians are famous for its valleys and polonynas, the national type of the vast valley. The tourists can see the most amazing flowers flourish in the valleys. Huculy, the native population, often pasture the cattle there.

  • Valley of daffodils. It is a true wonder of the Carpathians. The valley is situated in the National Reserve. In spring, when the flowers flourish, the view is truly amazing. The Reserve hosts not only unique kinds of flora. The visitors can find here rare species of birds and animals.
  • Polonynas in Verkhovyna. Verkhovyna region is famous for its vast polonynas. If you travel by car you will be able to see it. The tourists can stop by and enjoy the beauty of a vast open space. In spring the polonynas get emerald-green.

Consider to visit these places for your next Carpathians spring holidays. You won’t get disappointed.

Prut river near Yaremche

Places To Visit In The Carpathians In Spring

Spring is the best period to visit the Carpathians. The tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature and observe the true local traditions. Learn where to go in the Carpathians in spring. Make your spring holidays unforgettable.

There are some great places to visit for spring holidays in the Carpathians:

  • Yaremche bazaar. This bazaar is situated only about two hours from Tatariv. It offers an excellent opportunity to buy some national souvenirs. The bazaar is famous for the rich choice of products and high quality goods. If you like unique crafted items, you can find them all here. The prices on the bazaar are quite competitive. You can negotiate with the local traders. The bazaar is situated right near the Yaremche waterfall.
  • Maniava. If you stay in Koruna hotel you can reach Maniava monastery in just one and a half hours. The place is very popular not only because of religious buildings. It is situated on the vast territory in the forest. There are also river and waterfall. Maniava is a great place for spring holidays in the Carpathians with children.
  • The museums of national culture. The Carpathians region is situated in the unique ethnographic zones. There are several local minorities who live here. These are huculy, boiky i lemky. They all have unique culture, language and beliefs. To understand the local culture better, you can visit the Museum of Huculszczyzna or a Museum of National Music. The exhibits is these museums are great.
  • Carpathian Nature park. Spring holidays in Carpathians can’t be full without visiting it. All area includes 12 natural parks. The National Park has unique mineral springs, useful for health. In this nature park the tourists can also find some mountain lakes. There are many of those in the Carpathians. The Niesamowite lake high in the mountains is one of the most famous.

This is a short list of the ideas where to go in the Carpathians in spring. Spring is a perfect time to discover the beauty of the mountains. Doesn’t matter whether you go alone or with the whole family, spring holidays in the Carpathians will be amazing.


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