Christmas Vacation in the Carpathians in 2024

Starry winter night in the mountains

If you are bored with trivial weekdays and want to have a rest in a picturesque place, you should spend your Christmas holidays in the Carpathians.  Here you will enjoy the purest air, incredible mountains and nature, and have a diversity of the entertainment for every day.

Go to the Carpathians for Christmas

It is not surprising that many people go to the Carpathians to ski or snowboard while enjoying the beautiful landscapes because this place is a mountain resort. However, you shouldn’t think that skiing is the only way to spend time here. There are lots of other ideas for having fun here.

You can spend Christmas in the Carpathians engagingly and have fun. No matter if you come here with friends, family, or with your partner: you will not be bored here. So let’s take a deeper look at what entertainments you can find there. 

Festive program for Christmas

Any hotel here creates its unique festive program for guests who decided to celebrate Christmas in the Carpathians. The wonderland of the winter blends here with the Ukrainian customs and legends of the native people. Anybody will have a lot of bright impressions and vivid memories. The atmosphere of a holiday is special in such a scenic place. If you decided to celebrate New Year at home, you could spend Christmas in Carpathians to feel this atmosphere.

Pay attention to the opportunity to book a room in a hotel in advance. This will enable you to save 10-15% of your money because as a rule, the prices are higher during the holidays. Moreover, it will be more challenging to find a free room to book.

Extreme experience

Those people who like risk can go for a freeride on skis or a snowboard. Alternatively, they may ride in a dog sleigh or a snowmobile. 

Here we need to point out such an outstanding activity like extreme zorbing. Would you like to get into a huge transparent ball and roll down the hill in it?

If you want to have fun sparingly, we suggest you should rent the sledge, take a thermos of hot tea and go for a ride by the hills. As you can see, it is not necessary to be a skier to spend your winter holidays with pleasure and enjoy yourself in the Carpathians.

Sunny frosty winter day on the bridge

The sightseeing

If you celebrate Christmas in the Carpathians for the first time, you should definitely see more than just skiing tracks. The Carpathians are an exciting place with a unique and interesting history.

You can visit castles, fortresses, churches, and monasteries, notice the special features of the architecture of different cities, and book a few sight-seeing tours without leaving your hotel.

Steam bath and the Carpathian bath tub

Nothing can be better than taking a steam bath in a bath-house on fire woods after a busy, active day. Here you will relax and think over your plans for the next day or just spend an evening in a helpful way. 

Do you want to do something extraordinary? The Carpathian bath tub is a big tub, holding up to 6 people. The tub is filled with water, and then it is put on the fire. The water is getting hotter, and people stay in the tube until it is too hot for them. After that, they dive into a swimming pool or snow and get into the bath tub again.

Winter forest in carpathian mountain

Where to stay for Christmas in Bukovel

Every year Bukovel attracts thousands of the enthusiasts of the winter holiday. The skiing tracks here differ by the level of difficulty, so even if you ski for the first time, you will find a track for you and enjoy yourself. You can rent any equipment, and the experienced instructors are always ready to provide you with some help. Besides, you should not worry about the safety, as all of the tracks are equipped with the modern sky lifts. 

It is essential for a hotel in the Carpathians to meet the main demands. It must be within the main skiing tracks, offer an interesting festive program and special activities for kids and adults. (For instance, there may be its own museum, steam baths, swimming pools, and a nursery).

Even if you don’t like skiing, you can have a great Christmas holiday in Bukovel. Here you have an opportunity to try such extraordinary activities like dog sleigh, Carpathian bath tub, do the sightseeing and visit lots of excursions, or just enjoy the beautiful nature and pure air.

One of the key elements for a good rest is a choice of the place to live during holidays. You should think through all the details and decide in advance where you want to live. If you are not going to stay in a room for a long time and just sleep there, you may ignore the commodities. Alternatively, you may choose a first-class room if you need comfort to have a rest. A big company may book either a few rooms or a separate house.

Christmas is a special holiday. And in the Carpathians, you can feel its magic spirit. No matter if you want to spend it with your soul mate in front of the fireplace, with friends at the party, with family in the holiday evening, or even alone looking at the countless stars. You will remember the Carpathians for all of your life.

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