Hutsul Ethnographic Museum

Hutsul Ethnographic Museum - Hotel "Koruna"

“Koruna” is not only a modern recreation complex but also an interesting ethnographic memorial. One
of the hotel’s buildings is an original Hutsul house, built in the mountain village Shepit as far as 1931 and
carefully moved to “Koruna” in 2005. Even today Shepit is famous for its folk artists – experts highly
value their wares.
That is why you should visit a Hutsul museum, located in this house. Towels, dishes, weaver loom, and
even cradle – as it were a century ago. We’ve also preserved an authentic lock on the door so that you
could fully experience the atmosphere of Hutsul daily life a hundred years ago.
Our museum is open every day; the entrance is free.

All questions can ask the administrator by phone

067 442-6000