Coruna hotel: have a wonderful celebration of New Year 2024 in the Carpathians

Snowy sunny winter day in the mountain

When the cold weather sets, the thoughts of the warm sea and sun give place to the thoughts of how to spend the New Year vacation. The first (and the right) idea which comes to mind is to celebrate the New Year in the most picturesque and fabulous Ukrainian region – the Carpathian Mountains. There is a bunch of various resorts and sights in the Carpathians, so both experienced and inexperienced travelers will discover a lot of wonderful places and activities to do. So why don’t you combine the discovering of this fascinating region with a celebration of a magical holiday here?

Snowy sunny winter day in the mountain

Dreams come true in the Carpathians

The Carpathians is a perfect example of the Ukrainian nature with rich flora and fauna and diversity of entertainments. The main feature of this region is that here you may see many of the pristine corners of untouched nature. The clear wild lakes are full of trout, and the forests of the Carpathians are houses of thousands of species of endemic plants and rare animals. The pearl of the Carpathians is the Lake Synevyr. It is a big ancient lake; its age is about 10 000 years. It is situated 1 kilometer above the sea level and looks incredible from high up in the sky. Only the bravest people can swim in the clear blue water of Synevyr because its temperature in Summer is +11 degrees centigrade.

The Carpathians are welcoming in any season. In the Summer the tourists can enjoy the wild nature and go fishing in the wild lakes, go on the hiking tours, ride horses or quads. In the Winter the tourists traditionally revitalize their health with mineral waters and go skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. No matter if you like the active sports or not, your New Year rest in the Carpathians will be unforgettable!

What to expect from the New Year vacation in the Carpathians? 

Many Ukrainians and foreigners want to spend their New Year holidays in the Carpathians. So what is good about this region and what should you do here so that all your family remembers the New Year 2024 in the Carpathian Mountains?

A man skiing on a sunny day

The active rest

It is not a secret that the majority of the tourist go the Carpathians during the New Year vacation to ride down the hill on skis or snowboard. Even if you don’t know how to ski, you still can take a fast ride on sleds. Here there are mountain-skis routes of different categories of difficulty. They are suitable for amateurs and professionals, kids and adults. The Carpathian ski resorts also differ in price: from the cheaper resorts like Pilipetz, Dragobrat, Plai to the luxury (Bukovel, Slavske).

Apart from skiing or snowboarding, the active rest lovers can enjoy themselves at different excursions by interesting environs. If you like architecture you should see the ancient castle in Uzhgorod and a fabulous palace in the recreation center of “Karpaty”, and St. Miklosh Castle, which is noted by its incomparable beauty. The thermal springs and the Carpathian waterfalls will help you to relax after a busy day.

The mineral waters

If you want to have a rest with benefits to your health, you can find many revitalizing places in the Carpathians. There is a bunch of health resorts located nearby the mineral springs. Everybody knows about the healing waters of Truskavets (Naftusia), Morshin, Svalyava (Krinitsya), Mukachevo, Rakhiv, Uzhhorod, Mezhgirya, and Tyachev. And we can’t but mention that besides the mineral waters you will enjoy the purest air and beautiful landscapes. Both children and adults will love spending time here!

The fishing

Not only skiing by the snowy slopes and treatment by the mineral waters are available to the visitors of the Carpathians. You can also enjoy the winter fishing here! There is a diversity of winter lakes in the Carpathians, and the fishing industry is developing fast. There are many fisheries, where the fishermen can catch a huge trophy. The trout is the most popular fish to catch in winter, but you can also catch a sturgeon, carp, crucian carp, catfish or a silver carp.

Want to celebrate the New Year in the Carpathians? Koruna hotel welcomes you!

So you’ve decided to celebrate the New Year in the Carpathians but don’t know where to stay to have comfort, recreation, a wide range of services and affordability? The most popular and expensive Carpathian resort and tourist destination is Bukovel. But do you want to cover the extra expenses for the brand name? Come to the spacious and cozy Koruna hotel. It is a beautiful place nearby Bukovel. Everything is organized here is a comfortable way, so that the guests could enjoy themselves in the Carpathians. Try the delicious dishes of the European and Ukrainian Hutsul cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, meet with your colleagues at a business meeting in a conference hall,  choose a cozy room for your liking. The prices vary according to the room type: Economy room, Standard room, and Suite. Both children and adults will spend their time here with pleasure.

Spend your New Year holidays in the Carpathians, and Koruna hotel will help you to make them unforgettable. We are always glad to meet new people and help the tourists from different cities and countries to feel the warm and friendly Carpathian atmosphere.

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