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The Carpathians bring a lot of unexpected emotions. The tourists who visits the Carpathians not only ameliorates their physical health. They can also learn much about the history of the region and of the whole country.

The Carpathians is the national symbol of Ukraine. Hoverla, the highest peak of it, is also the highest peak in Ukraine. The Carpathians is a region with unique culture. It won’t leave the visitors indifferent. If one considers sightseeing in Carpathians in summer he definitely won’t be disappointed.

The Precarpathian region is composed of many small cities and villages. If the tourist chooses the right location to stay, he will be able to visit the most spectacular sites and places. Tatariv is one of such spots. From Koruna hotel, situated there, you can reach all the famous places in the Carpathians.

Tatariv is in the heart of the Precarpathian region. It takes tourists from one to two hours by a car to go to places like Yaremche, Maniava, Vorokhta. The history and the nature is truly amazing. For an experienced tourists it takes one day to visit each city. If you travel from Koruna you can leave in the morning and be back in the evening.

Central square in Yaremche

The Main Sights of the Carpathians

Before you plan the trip to the Western part of Ukraine you have to know what to visit in the Carpathians. The quantity of places you will visit depends much on the time you have. The estimate of 1 day per city is the good one.

If you decide to stay in Tatariv for the vacations you can reach the biggest cities and sights around.

  • Yaremche. It is one of the most touristic places in the Carpathian region. The total population of the town is around 12 000 citizens. The city is famous not only for the beauty of the nature but also for the sights in the Carpathians region that one can visit.
  • Dovbush Rocks. Visiting this place will bring you not only excellent relaxation, but also new knowledge. Ideally, you can take a guided tour. The Dovbush Rocks are situated near the beautiful waterfall. The history of this sight in the Carpathians dates back to the XVII century. This was the time when opryshky groups started to function. This groups fought against rich landlords in Ukraine who opposed to the freedom for the peasants. The quickest way to visit the corresponding sights is to pass through the the pathway of Dovbush. Oleksa Dovbush is was the head of the movement. He was born into poor family. He took personally all the diseaqualities in that time UKraine. Oleksa Dovbush fought with his fellows against the landlords and hid in the cliffs of the Carpathian mountains. Later on the places where Dovbush and his fellows operated were named in the honor of Oleksa Dovbush. There is no way the tourists visits by himself all the cliffs were the movement’s presence is documented. To get to know in-depth the history of this national movement it is better to order the excursions.
  • The churches. The majority of people in the Western Ukraine are either Orthodox or Catholic. The architecture of the churches differs greatly from the Roman Catholic Churches. Illinska church and the church of St. Ann are the fine examples of the wood churches exemplary for this part of Ukraine. The interior of such churches impresses the tourists by its simplicity and beauty. Inside the churches the tourists can find many icons. They are truly impressive.
  • Monasteries. If you are interested in the religious aspect, it is a good idea is to visit monasteries around Yaremche. Male monastery of Saint Andrew, Women monastery of Saint. Vikentiy, and others. The visitors are not allowed to pass inside the buildings. The tourist can visit the surrounding areas. The monasteries are situated in beautiful places.
  • Mykulychyn village. It is one of the numerous villages situated in Yaremche. The tourists are much advised to visit it. The village is the biggest and the longest one in the region. Ukrainians say if you would like to see the beauty of Ukrainian landscapes pass through Mykulychyn. It is one of the oldest villages in the region. The history says it was founded by the most famous king of Halych. The village was a gift to Mylyla. It consequently was named after him. The church of Holy Trinity is one of the most important Greek-Catholic churches. The tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Guk waterfall. The village brews here authentic bear called Huculski. It is great place to enjoy beauty of nature, ancient history, and fine Ukrainian dining.
  • Vorokhta. It is a tiny town in the Carpathians. It has the overall population of around 4000-5000 citizens. It is famous for the beauty of its landscapes. Today Vorokhta is the place to get one of the most spectacular views around the Carpathians. Vorokhta has one one of the first elevators in the region. The tourists can enjoy the view on the Carpathians. The trip in the elevator will takes around 1 hour. It is worth it. As soon as the person reaches the peak., he can taste some good wine or warm tea.
  • Viaducts. In Vorokhta the tourist can visit one of the oldest viaducts in the region. It dates back to the XIX century. It is one of the oldest stone railway bridge. Its length is 130 meters.
  • Сhurch of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. It is one of the oldest wooden churches in the region. It was constructed back in XVIII century. It has the beautiful iconostasis inside.
  • Verkhovyna. It is a must-visit place. The vast landscapes of Verkhovyna were much described by Ukrainian authors. It is known as the most famous place where huculy, the native Ukrainian population, live. The uniqueness of Verkhovyna will impress. It differs a lot from other cities and villages in the region.
  • House-museum of the movie ‘Shadows of forgotten ancestors’. The movie is one of the best known movies in Ukrainian film industry. The story is based on the novel of Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky. It is the story of love of Ivan and Maria. The plot follows classic Shakespearean scheme. The two belonged to the rivalry houses. The end of this story of love is tragic. The film was shot by the Parajanov, the famous producer. The museum is full of interesting exhibits. The tourist will not only get to know the story of the ‘Shadows of forgotten Ancestors’ better, but also get acquainted with rich national Ukrainian costumes.
  • The museum of Hucul Magic. The Western Ukraine is known for its magicians. These are the people who cumulate the knowledge and wisdom of the past centuries. They are able to cure the ill people and help to those who are in need. Carpathian magicians are known all over Ukraine. Belief in magic is the part of old Western Ukrainian culture. The museum will impress you. You will understand better the beliefs of the native population of the past centuries.
  • The museum of Huculy region. This museum will impress you by the number of its exhibits. For the true history lovers it is the place to visit. The culture of huculy is very individualistic. They have the clothes, folklore and language of their own.
  • The museum of skiing. The Carpathians are famous for its ski routes. This museum will tell you how the skiing culture developed in Ukraine through the time. For ski lovers it is a place worth visiting.
  • Maniava. It is a picturesque village in Bohorodchany region. It is a famous touristic place. Its main sights is Maniava skete of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
  • Maniava skete. It is a beautiful skete place and park in one. Back in XVII century it was one of the most important religious centers in Western Ukraine. Back in 1628 the manstry got a status that claims its high authority in the religious ranking.  This orthodox monastery is situated on the vast area. The visitors can have walk in the forest. They can also benefit from the view of the beautiful waterfall. This place yearly attracts lots of tourists.
  • The museum of a bear. It is a good place to get acquaintance with the fauna of the Carpathians. The museum exhibits the bears mainly. Its main goal is to preserve the bears of the Carpathians.

This short overview describes what to visit in the Carpathians. Travelling to this region is never boring. Choose hotel Koruna in Tatariv to come back to any of this spots quickly. Discover the beauty of Carpathians.


Magura mountain in Tatariv

The most interesting places in the Carpathians

The Carpathians will bring to every tourist unexpected emotio. The nature of the Carpathian is characterised by the numerous mountain peaks, waterfalls and the valley. Here are the most interesting places to visit in the regions.

  • Waterfalls. The map of sightseeing in the Carpathians should include natural waterfalls that are spread all around the region. Probiy is the most famous waterfall in the region. It is situated in Yaremche. It is not a one level waterfall. It is a true cascade waterfall to see. The water beautifully falls into the Prut river, one of the biggest mountain rivers in the Carpathians. The view of the Probiy is amazing. Those tourists who prefer adrenaline can cross by the cableway from one bank of Prut to another one. The Prut and Probiy waterfall are one of the most interesting places in the Carpathians.
  • Waterfall ‘Girls tears’ is another beautiful waterfall in Yaremche. It is a tiny and picturesque natural construction. This water falls from the height of 1,5 meters. It is one level waterfall. Plan the excursion to it. ‘Girls tears’ is situated in the calm forest area in Yaremche. If you are looking for a calm rest, it it a good spot to visit.
  • Huk Zhеnetskiy is another beautiful waterfall not far from Tatariv. Travelling to it will be comfortable. The government constructed a separate route that leads to Huk. The water runs don from the height of 15 meters. Huk Zhеnetskiy, without any doubts, belongs to map of sightseeing in the Carpathians.
  • Mountains. The Carpathians is quite a large mountain system. It is composed of numerous bigger or small peaks. The majority of them can be easily accessed by the tourists.
  • Bukovel mountain. It is one of the best places to visit. The Bukovel ski resort is situated here. The visitors can use one of the cable roads to enjoy the view around the Bukovel. The Bukovel mount is situated 920 meters over the sea level. To look at this mountain is equally beautiful in spring, winter or summer.
  • Khomyak mountain. It is the must-visit place. The mount is of 1542 meters high. This mountain is the paradise for those who like hiking. The tourists should call a guide to visit the Khomyak. A single tourist can easily get lost. The Khomyak mountain is situated in Tatariv. You can get accommodation at Koruna hotel.
  • Hoverla mountain. It is the highest peak of the Carpathians. You can easily get here from Tatariv. The height of Hoverla is 2061 meters. There are many one day tours from Tatariv to Hoverla. The flora and fauna in the Carpathians mountain is amazing.
  • Valleys. The flora in the region is worth attention. There are many great places to visit by the whole family. Valleys full of flowers are nice to observe in warm spring or summer.
  • The Valley of daffodil. This valley is situated on the territory of Biosphere Reserve of the Carpathian mountains. Narcissus poeticus is the scientific name of the flower preserved here. It is one of the most rare kind of daffodil in Europe. When the flowers blossom, it truly impresses.
  • The valley of Prut river. It is one of the most interesting places in the Carpathians. The tourists who visit the valleys will fully understand the natural features of the mountain climate. The valley is full of rare examples of flora and fauna.

The Western mountains of Ukraine offer much for relaxation. The tourists who visit this part of Ukraine will be amazed. The region is not that big, but it has unique cultural background and nature features.

The Carpathians are ideal to visit by the whole family. Modern hotels offer fine accommodation. You can consider ‘Koruna’ hotel. It has great location and perfect interior. Choose the right spot to stay in the Carpathians and within the week holidays you will get the region perfectly well.

The Carpathians offer much to discover. They are equally beautiful in spring, autumn, summer or winter. The national population has rich cuisine traditions. You will for sure enjoy the  national cuisine.

The rest in the mountains will definitely allow you to get new emotions and rest physically. The calmness and harmony of the mountains will bring peace to your soul. Choose the Carpathians as your next travel location.

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