Unforgettable skiing rest in the Carpathians

Snowy winter in Carpathian mountains

The winter is coming, and it is high time you started preparing for the New Year celebration. You will save a lot of money and have more opportunities to find the best hotel if you plan your holidays in advance. So, what do you want to do this year? Do you want to relax at the sunny beaches of the welcoming countries? Or maybe you prefer to spend the time with benefits for your body and soul at the environmentally friendly resorts of the Ukrainian Carpathians?

Sea or mountains: is it better to stay during the vacation in the Carpathians or fly to Egypt?

Many people are already accustomed to leave the cold country in winter and fly to enjoy the warm and welcoming beaches of Egypt, Tunis, or Asia. Maybe, this year you should also take all your family to the South and return home tanned after the winter holidays? Some of us consider it as the best variant – lazy all-inclusive, the sea, the sun, the opportunity to tease your colleagues with the tan – what else do you need to relax and reload?

However, it turned out that not all of us like such vacations. First of all, the traditions of celebrating the New Year in these countries are entirely different from ours. You won’t experience a true holiday spirit there. Besides, the financial situation is unstable, and the dollar keeps fluctuating. Thus the trip may cost a pretty penny. And eventually, you can’t but worry about your safety because of the constant news about the terrorists and the plane crashes.

Thus if you decide to leave the routine and plain weekdays, the skiing rest with your children in the Carpathians is the best variant to feel a New Year fairy-tale. Here you will enjoy a beautiful winter nature in the forest and mountains, you won’t have to exchange the currency, and of course, it is safe for you and your family. All you need is just to choose a proper skiing resort due to your wishes and budget.

Winter in Western Ukrainian city

The best place in the Carpathians for the New Year vacation 2024

The Carpathians skiing rest is a dream, but can it come true? Is it possible to meet the expenses here? If you want to enjoy yourself in the Carpathians and visit the best resort Bukovel, it’s not necessary to live there. If you choose the Koruna hotel in the Carpathians, you will save lots of money on your accommodation and food expenses and will be able to ride in Bukovel. Here the comfortable rooms, the cozy restaurant, well-equipped conference rooms, and a diversity of the entertainments for anybody are waiting for you. Enjoy the wonderful landscapes while drinking hot herbal tea or mulled wine in a warm wooden house. Koruna welcomes you and wants to give you impressions and energy for the whole year!

What are the Carpathians skiing resorts famous for?

The Carpathians skiing resorts are the pearl of Ukrainian tourism. The tourists from all the Ukraine and even from other countries come here because of the diversity of the activities to do in the Carpathians. Here you can have an active rest: ride horses, ski, go sledding, go hiking, ride bicycles, go fishing or hunting, and so on. Besides, there are various opportunities for health treatment and improvement: for instance, there are hundreds of sources of mineral and thermal water. Let’s look through all of the main resorts to help you to make your choice.

Girl sitting on a snowboard


Bukovel is definitely top-1 resort among the tourists of the Carpathians. And there are many reasons for it. Everything is excellent here: large SPA centers of the European level, rafting trips by the wild river Cheremosh, perfect mountain hills and restaurants to anyone’s liking. By 2024 there are 19 ski trails for the beginners, 41 – for amateurs, and 8 rails for the well-trained and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

However, the rest at the Carpathians skiing resorts of such level may cost you an arm and a leg. The hotels and SPA-centers of the Bukovel are mostly aimed to reach tourists and are not suitable for the budget travelers. So if your budget is limited, we suggest you should choose another resort or set nearby Bukovel. 


This is also very popular, but a cheaper tourist destination in winter. Another reason to choose this resort – here you will definitely see the snow. While in Bukovel the hills are covered with artificial snow if the weather is not snowy, in Dragobrat the snow as always real, because as a more modest resort it can’t employ such an expensive technique. In smaller resorts, you can even fail to ski if the winter is not snowy. But not here: Dragobrat lies 1400 meters above the sea level, and there is always snow in winter. Both fans of a well-equipped and freeride ski hills. Here you will definitely notice the incredible Carpathian nature and the views on the mountain of Zhandarm.


Pilipetz is a young, but a fast-developing Carpathian resort. Here you can ski and snowboard (this resort is especially popular among the extreme lovers because of the diversity of comfortable, but not equipped rails). Besides, you can walk and see the local sightseeing, and climb the mountains Stoy, Gemba, and Jid Magura. 

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