Recreation in the Carpathians in Winter 2024 – Where to Spend a Vacation?

Active recreation in the mountains in winter is becoming increasingly popular. Apart from spending a good time, it is a great opportunity to improve your health and recharge your energies. In a mountain resort, you can switch from the chaos of your everyday life, forget about all the problems, and, instead, spend hours walking around in the mountains and along rivers, enjoying the magnificent nature.

Beautiful ski slopes, snow-covered inclines, and romantic landscapes – any tourist will find something interesting for him. No matter what type of vacation you prefer – active or calm – you will definitely enjoy your rest in the Carpathians in winter.
A good place to spend winter holidays in the Carpathians is Koruna Mountain Resort. The recreation center has everything for your proper rest, from the traditional sauna to the museum and art gallery, being a part of the mountain resort. Spend a holiday in the Carpathians in winter with children in Koruna; the complex infrastructure has a lot for the younger tourists.

What to Do in the Carpathian Resort in Winter?

Having booked the Carpathians accommodation in Koruna Mountain Resort, it is time to think about what you are going to do there. Among the most interesting activities the recreation complex offers are the following ones:

  • Traditional sauna;
  • Museum and art gallery;
  • Game of billiards;
  • Skiing and snowboarding;
  • Excursions to the famous cultural and natural places of the Carpathians.

Traditional Sauna

Attending sauna is a good way to enhance your health and re-charge energies. The main feature of the Russian steam bath in Koruna is that all the traditions are preserved in it – everything from sauna arrangement to the procedure of taking a steam-bath.

Museum and Art Gallery

Core art lovers will have a chance to extend their knowledge in the field of Ukrainian history and modern art. Visit the museum of Hutsul culture and see how Hutsul people lived some centuries ago. Feel the real atmosphere of their household and family traditions. Children will be delighted to see items from ancient times carefully preserved until today.

The art space Zenko Foundation is intended for people who tune into developments of modern Ukrainian art and like observing the beauty. Among the exhibits of the gallery, you will see drawings and sculptures of young Ukrainian painters as well as installations and pieces of video-art of already established artists. The installation program changes constantly; stay tuned to it.

Game of Billiards

Billiards fans can enjoy the game in a separate room that is specially allocated for playing billiards. In it, you can find everything for a great time. Spend cozy winter evenings in a company of your friends; relax after active skiing on the ski slopes of Bukovel.

Skiing and Snowboarding on Bukovel Slopes

A great thing about Koruna is that the complex is located close to the best ski lifts and famous tourist routes, which can make your winter holidays in the Carpathian even more exciting. Carpathian slopes are just ideal for skiing. Due to frequent and dense snowfalls, a stable and thick layer of snow cover is always in place. Apart from skiing, a lot of tourists today prefer snowboarding. Riding sledges, snowtubes (rubber inflatable circles), and snowmobiles is becoming popular as well. So the choice of outside winter activities is huge in the Carpathians. Choose the option you like the most.


To diversify your holiday in the Carpathians in winter with children, you can take excursions to the famous cultural and natural places of the Carpathians. Thanks to the location of Koruna, there are a lot of routes to choose from. Old churches and monasteries, museums and exhibitions, as well as magnificent parks – there is something for any taste.

Coruna Hotel in Winter
Celebrate Winter Holidays in the Carpathians

Celebrating a New Year in the Carpathians, you can charge yourself with positive and cheerful energy for the coming year. Winter vacations in the mountains, in one of the most beautiful places of Ukraine, will allow you to enjoy beautiful mountain landscapes, clean air, and active recreation. Have a vacation in the Carpathians for a New Year – celebrate winter holidays and follow the traditions, with all the Ukrainian dishes and ceremonies being strictly followed.

New Year and Christmas celebrations in the western part of Ukraine are always fun. It is a trip to the Carpathians in winter that will allow you to see the winter in all its glory. The mountain resort complex Koruna always prepares exciting programs for its guests, so you will have no time for boredom.

Feel the real spirit of Christmas and New Year by visiting the Carpathians. During the holiday here, you will feel an unforgettable bright atmosphere and Hutsul traditions of celebration. An interesting program, traditional Hutsul dishes in the restaurant, and a comfortable accommodation – everything will contribute to your ideal holiday in the Carpathians for the New Year and Christmas.

If you do not know where to go to the Carpathians in the winter, consider booking a room in Koruna. Spend unforgettable winter holidays and visit many entertaining events. New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians will bring you a lot of pleasure and a wonderful mood for a long time!

Winter holidays in the Carpathians will bring real pleasure to the most demanding travelers since there is always something to do in the mountains in winter. Tourists can choose to go to quality trails with European-level infrastructure on snowboarding or skiing. People who do not like sports can fully recharge their energies in Russian steam bath, play the game of billiards, visit the on-site museum and art-gallery, or even take excursions to the nearby national parks and churches.
Spend your winter holidays in Koruna Mountain Resort – get a portion of bright emotions and recharge your energies for the coming year.

Winter holidays in the Carpathians


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