The Mystery of “Koruna”

It happened many centuries ago, in the heart of Carpathians. Ancient legend is handing down from generation to generation…

At those days, on the shore of river Prut, near the mountain Khomyak, there was one village. It was so long ago that nobody remembers its name. A lord was reigning in this village, whose name is also forgotten. The lord had a son – a real hero, strong, courageous, and very handsome. Everyone loved and respected him. Even forest dryads followed him to see the good-looking lad. And one of the dryads fell in love with him.

Once, when the boy went hunting to the forest, the dryad was hiding among the trees and watching him. Suddenly, the lord’s son heard a horrible roaring and loud clatter of hundred hoofs – it was the Tatar horde that was impending the village. A courageous lad whipped his sword to fight the enemies. However, the dryad was afraid that her beloved would be killed in the battle, and came out from her hiding place. She made the lad return to the village and alert the citizens. At that time, dryad ran to the Mountain Lord for help. Mountain Lord took pity on the amorous dryad and decided to help people. He took off his crown (at that times it was called “koruna”) and threw it to the ground. At that very moment high inaccessible mountains arose on the place where the crown had fallen. Tatars didn’t expect such a miracle. While they were trying to climb the mountains, Hutsuls (and people in the village were, of course, Hutsuls) were all ready for defense.

Hutsuls fought off Tatars and threw them off the high rocks. And the lord’s son fell in love with courageous dryad who saved his village from enemies, and married her. People gave the girl name Magura. Young couple settled on the verge of the village in the comfortable manor (called “filvarok”).

Many years have passed since that times, multiple legends were composed. The village, that Mountain Lord surrounded by his crown, is called Tatariv. Even today it is surrounded by majestic mountains. The forest, where the dryad fell in love with the lord’s son, is called Maiden forest, and the most beautiful mountain near the village has the name Magura. Now, there is a hotel in Tatariv, called “Koruna”, where every house – “filvarok” is the journey to the magic Carpathian legend.

Was it or was not, but the magical aura of romance and mystery is felt in “Koruna” even now, uniting young passionate hearts…

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