Easter in the Carpathians: Peculiarities of the Celebration and the Most Interesting Routes

2019-04-08 | koruna
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  1. Mystical folklore.

  2. The two main routes for Easter: the traditional Hutsul area and the Middle Ages.

Easter for residents of the Carpathians is one of the main holidays. The natives of this region are very religious people. Surprisingly, Christian canons and traditions here successfully coexist with the old pagan beliefs. Thus, faith in the forces of nature and the ability of shamans is easily and harmoniously interwoven with Biblical stories. And mystical tales are always filled with Christian prayers. To plunge into this world means to visit a fabulous country where the old and the new become the one.

Easter in the Carpathians can be a great chance to have a good weekend and visit historic sites. Many tourist agencies offer special Easter tours, which include trips to religious sites. Traveling independently, you can plan a route in advance. And before the trip, it is essential to learn a little about the unique traditions of the Hutsuls.

tracking route in the Carpathians

Mystical Folklore

According to the old Hutsul legend, after his resurrection, Jesus decided to deal with the devil. He chained him to 12 chains in the dungeon of Calvary, after which he locked up 12 iron doors for 12 indestructible locks behind the prisoner. On the night before Easter, the Devil breaks 11 chains and is already approaching the last door. According to legend, as soon as the sun appears in the sky, the Devil will be able to get out of his dungeon. But since people come to the service before sunrise, greet each other with the words “Christ is Risen” and share colored eggs, Lucifer again ends up in the Hutsul dungeon until the next Easter.

There are many such legends here. They illustrate how important the celebration of the resurrection of Christ is for those, who live in the Carpathians. That is why the rest in the Carpathians at Easter can be unforgettable and very interesting. Every tourist will be able to see unusual rituals, hear a lot of mystical tales and become part of a holy and bright holiday.

Spring in the Carpathians

Two main routes for Easter: the traditional Hutsul area and Middle Ages

In the western part of Ukraine, there are a lot of old churches of different denominations. You can purchase a ready-made tour of the religious places. But for those who like to travel on their own, we recommend choosing one of these routes:

Rohatyn – Verkhovyna – Tatarov. Rohatyn is the city where the famous Nastya Lisovskaya was born, many know her as Roksolana. There are many old temples, as well as an amazing Museum of Easter Eggs. At the time of the celebration itself, it is worth going to Verkhovyna, where the brightest and most mass rites are held. Residents of the village wear festive costumes, arrange theatrical performances and ceremonial feasts. And after Easter 2021 in the Carpathians, you can relax in a comfortable hotel in Tatariv. The atmosphere of the old Hutsul region is preserved here.

Carpathian woods

Medieval tour. On the territory of Transcarpathia, there are many amazing medieval castles, which are perfectly preserved. If you wish, you can arrange a medieval Easter holiday in the Carpathians in 2021. To begin with, we advise you to go to the town of Chynadiyevo, which is located near Mukachevo. The first location is the Schönborn Castle with its sad love story and unique architecture (the castle has 365 windows and 12 entrances – the number of days and months in a year). After that, you can visit the castle of Saint Miklos. It is worth celebrating the Easter in the old temples of Chinadievo. And then you can go to the thermal springs and relax in the hotel.

It will also be interesting to visit the Pochaev Lavra and any old monastery in the mountains. On the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk region, there are many places where hermit monks lived or still live. Becoming a part of the Hutsul religious world is quite simple. And after the holiday it will be pleasant to relax in a comfortable hotel such as Koruna or a small house in the mountains.

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