How to prepare for a trip to the mountains: what does a traveler need to know?

2019-05-21 | koruna
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Table of contents:

  1. Hiking in the mountains: where to go?

  2. Physical training

  3. Equipment: what to take on a hike?

  4. Buy a ticket or tour

Have you been interested in hiking in the mountains for a long time? Have you thought about all pro and cons and decided to do this? But what to do next? How to prepare yourself for a hike? What should you take with? Where to find like-minded people? Hundreds of questions begin to arise in your head. Today we will try to answer the most popular questions.

Hiking in the Mountains: Where to Go?

First, you need to choose a place. Try to take into account your level of physical training, especially endurance. Hiking Bukovel for a few days is not for everyone. So if you are a beginner, pay attention to the simplest options. Spring in the Carpathians pleases, creating good conditions for hiking. You can choose among numerous Bukovel tours, for example, Homyak Mountain is one of the most popular places among beginners.

Physical Training

It is really an important factor for a successful campaign. It is necessary for all participants to be prepared approximately equally so that no one will suffer and no one slows down the group. Popular tourist routes and programs are designed for ordinary people who spend most of their free time in front of a computer. However, you need to prepare in advance.

Run on medium and long distances. Try to bring your level of endurance to 10 km of non-stop running. If you run slowly – do not worry. Do such workouts several times a week. The treadmill in the gym is not suitable – look for rough terrain.

Next, we consider what to take on a hike, but first, prepare yourself for the fact that you have to carry a large backpack with the camping gear. Pull up, push out on the uneven bars, and train the press. Basic exercises are the best way to improve your strength performance.

Psycho-Emotional Factor

Many people have good physical training but they are used to living in conditions of comfort. Any difficulties may cause serious stress. It is important to learn how to overcome such issues. Do this every day. A hike is an ordeal. Life in unusual conditions (tent), loads (heavy backpack, climbs up) – all this is unsettling if you are not mentally ready.

There will be many moments when you just want to give up your venture. Hiking is the overcoming of difficulties and also one of the most popular summer activities Bukovel. This is what people enjoy. The main thing is a good team of like-minded people who are ready to support in a difficult period.

Equipment: What to Take on a Hike?

The third most important item is equipment. Always listen to the coordinators. The first is to take care of your comfort. You need a profile clothing. We are talking about thermal underwear, trekking sneakers or shoes, outerwear. All this can be rented. If you like hiking, and you want to do it on a regular basis, you can get your own equipment.

Personal hygiene items and household items, a tent, a sleeping bag, a travel mat, a raincoat, a towel, an LED flashlight, a first-aid kit, personal dishes – all this should be taken with you. An instructor always has an ax or a saw, so there is no need to drag them along.

Buy a Ticket or a Tour

Try to plan everything in advance. If you are going to climb the mountains on holidays, we advise you to provide everything as soon as possible. There are many hiking instructors in Bukovel offering their services. Contact one of them and sign up. You can also find a friend or a person who has enough experience.

The main thing, do not forget to arrive at the collection point in time to avoid incidents and unpleasant situations. Help other participants and follow the instructions of the trekking instructors in Bukovel during the hike. You can be sure that you will return home as a completely different person. Have a good trip!

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