Comfortable vacation 2021 at the Koruna Mountain Resort in the Carpathian’s Mountain






Children room

We care for your children’s safe and exciting stay in our hotel.

Children room - Hotel "Koruna"


Hotel-resort “Koruna” in Tatariv is famous for its bath, which is prepared according to the ancient Carpathian receipts.

Bath - Hotel "Koruna"


Our hotel is one of the few resorts in the Carpathians that have their own tennis courts with a specific cover.

Tennis - Hotel "Koruna"


For the lovers of this game our hotel-resort “Koruna” offers a separate room, specially equipped for the billiards.

Billiards - Hotel "Koruna"


Skiing rest in the Carpathians

The winter is coming, and it is high time you started preparing for the New Year celebration. You will save a lot of money and have more opportunities to find the best hotel if you plan your holidays in advance.

Snowy winter in Carpathian mountains

Art Space Zenko Foundation in Hotel “Koruna”

 The gallery of modern art – the art space Zenko Foundation – is located in the central building of the hotel complex “Koruna.”

Art Space Zenko Foundation in Hotel “Koruna”

Hutsul Ethnographic Museum

"Koruna” is not only a modern recreation complex but also an interesting ethnographic memorial. One of the hotel’s buildings is an original Hutsul house

Hutsul Ethnographic Museum - Hotel "Koruna"


The Carpathians bring a lot of unexpected emotions. The tourists who visits the Carpathians not only ameliorates their physical health. They can also learn much about the history of the region and of the whole country.

Sightseeing - Hotel "Koruna"


Катерина ,Киев

Это гордость Украины. Я была рада за то, что у нас есть гостиницы такого уровня, когда приехала. Номера, мебель, все соблазняет приехать и жить...

Наталія, Київ

Відпочивали в кінці літа з чоловіком да донечкою. Дуже сподобався готельний комплекс. Номер (напівлюкс) дуже гарний, чистий. Прибирали щодня. Сніданки...

Марія, Київ

Готель просто супер!!! Гуцульський колорит, смачна їжа, а краєвид який — очей не відведеш!!! Вже третій раз будемо зупинятися в Коруні...



Active recreation in the mountains in winter is becoming increasingly popular



The Carpathians is the right place to visit any time of the year, but especially in spring



Summer vacation in the Carpathians provides a lot of opportunities



Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is one of the best places for recreation in Europe


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In the picturesque part of the Carpathians, surrounded by mountain peaks, lies the village Tatariv. Here, near the ski resort Bukovel, the intimate hotel «Koruna» is located.

This hotel resort welcomes guests from Ukraine and from abroad for several years already. Many visitors fall in love with this little paradise. They choose «Koruna» every time they arrive for the Carpathian vacations. What is so attractive in this Carpathian hotel for guests?

Harmony with Nature

The best hotel in Tatariv resembles a fairytale location and fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Neat cottages fling the door for the guests. In winter, cottages resemble a Santa Claus village. Arriving here for the winter holidays, one could easily start believing in Christmas miracles.

> The landscapes amaze by their magnificence. The forests share their wild harvest — berries and mushrooms. All prodigies of nature are nearby. The guests of one of the most comfortable hotels in the Carpathians can enjoy the wonderful landscapes.

Tribute to Unique Culture

Many Bukovel and surrounding hotels can offer the highest level service. «Koruna» attracts not only by extra comfort. Coziness and hospitality prevail here. But more than that — the hotel acquaints the all willing with the unique Hutsul culture:

  • the rooms are authentically decorated;
  • the chefs prepare the original meals fo the local cuisine;
  • the cottages resemble Hutsul houses, which were in use hundreds of years ago.

On the resort territory there are aging buildings on the thither side of a century. The cottages are carefully renovated. The unique flavor and inner decoration are preserved.

Modern Comfort

«Koruna» pleases its guests not only by interesting apartment design. The hotel is famous by its high quality rooms. You won’t find the place in Tatariv more comfortable than our resort. The guests are welcomed to use:

  • free Internet;
  • various household appliances;
  • satellite TV.

«Koruna» guests can enjoy many activities and interesting pastime:

  • billiards tables;
  • tennis courts;
  • football fields;
  • gym;
  • sauna.

Blessings of civilization can easily be ignored here. The Carpathian guests rarely have the desire to stay in their rooms. The rest in Bukovel and surrounding villages sticks in the memory because of the beautiful nature and fresh air. Carpathian vacation — is the way to receive the new exciting experience, get loaded with positive emotions and pleasant memories!