Summer Vacation in Bukovel

2019-05-21 | koruna
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Table of contents:

  1. Vacation in Bukovel in summer

  2. Prices for Bukovel holidays

  3. Summer fun in Bukovel for every taste

In the summer, Bukovel turns from a snow-covered mountain fairytale into another kind of magic – into a fairytale of flowering meadows and singing waterfalls. The time spent in the mountains become a varied and fascinating pastime:

  • horseback riding;
  • hunting and fishing;
  • picking berries and mushrooms;
  • swimming in the waterfalls;
  • picnics in the meadows and much more.

It remains only to choose what you like – hiking in the mountains, take informative excursions around this region rich in sights, or spend it with a full relaxation in the bosom of the wildlife.

Vacation in Bukovel in Summer

The Carpathians is an ecologically clean area and there are still many unspoiled wilderness areas with its enchanting beauty. Choosing this area for your vacation, you are guaranteed to get a whole range of opportunities, ranging from the general improvement of the body and improving immunity to an extreme, blood-disturbing rest:

  • Fans of mountain walks and experienced climbers will find here enough peaks waiting to be conquered again.
  • Routes to noisy waterfalls, crossings through wayward turbulent flows – you will not be tired of admiring their diversity day after day.
  • A visit to the healing mineral springs, in which you can take a dip in the summer, promises good health to bold bathers for a hundred years. Who would not want to dive into such water?
  • Rafting and rafting on catamarans is entertainment for those with a strong mind and body, for those who cannot imagine their life without risk. Choosing a vacation in Carpathian mountains during the warm period, they will not be disappointed.
  • Fans of quiet hunting in the forests of the Carpathians will find a lot of berries and mushrooms because the terrain is always generous to those who love nature and knows the secret mushroom trails.

Prices for Bukovel Holidays

Everyone knows that Bukovel is an expensive ski resort. But the prices for vacations in Bukovel will be pleasing to many in the summer. Here you can also spend a relatively inexpensive and completely unforgettable vacation with kids. The only condition – prepare for the trip in advance, make a plan of events and a list of basic expenses.

You can save a lot on housing if you choose the option in the private sector in the area of the resort. You can move a little away from the tracks and stay in a decent guest house or hotel with a European level of service. An excellent example is the Koruna Hotel in Tatarov, where affordable prices imply home comfort, unique design, and high-class service.

As for an active pastime, it may be practically free for you, because no one will take a penny for walking, surrounding beauty of nature, and crystal clear mountain air.

Summer Fun in Bukovel for Every Taste

If you do not want to limit yourself to new experiences, let us offer you a list of exciting entertainment that deserves the attention of tourists:

  • The hit of the summer season – FlySurf – is an attraction where you can perform acrobatic stunts over water using a pair of jet boots connected to a jet ski;
  • Rope jumping – free fall from the highest station for rope-jumping in the country guarantees you an explosion of emotion and adrenaline surge;
  • SUP Board – a new trendy sport that allows you to swim on the board on the calm lake water;
  • Extreme Park in Bukovel is not a trivial rope park, but a real obstacle course that will require you to exert all your strength, both physical and mental.

In summer, the days here may seem too short – they will be so full of events. How many will there be? As you wish: diving and super-jeep races, wakeboards and jet skis, climbing walls and bicycle tours, paintball and mount biking – everything you want in order to come back to this wonderful land again and again.

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