Why Go to the Carpathians in the Spring: Build Plans for 2021

2019-04-08 | koruna
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  1. The Carpathians in early spring: March in Bukovel.

  2. Leisure activities for body and soul in the Carpathians in the spring.

  3. Cultural leisure: where to go, so as not to get bored.

  4. Health promotion in the Carpathians in the spring: combining business with pleasure.

For most of us, rest in the Carpathians is associated with snow and ski resorts. Therefore, when hearing about the trip to Bukovel in the spring, many people wonder: what to do there during this period?

Spring in the Carpathians is a unique time when nature awakens, plays with new colors, rivers and waterfalls become full-flowing, and there is still snow in the mountains. Having planned a vacation in the Carpathians in spring, you will kill two birds with one stone: ride snowboards or skis and spend time in nature that has woken up after the winter.

Mountain view

The Carpathians in early spring: March in Bukovel

The peculiarity of the nature of the Carpathians is that the awakening after winter happens very smoothly. In March, there is still plenty of snow to ski, sledge, and snowboard, but prices are not as high as in the high season. Many outdoor enthusiasts say that you need to go to Bukovel only in March – and you will save and enjoy the time there. The entire infrastructure is already being rebuilt and is preparing for the warm season, so with cultural leisure and all sorts of activities, everything is just perfect. We assure you, the rest in the Carpathians in the spring of 2021 will be a success!

Leisure activities for body and soul in the Carpathians in the spring.

If you are not lazy and lying by the pool does not seem to be a good rest, choose suitable leisure and enjoy:

  • Energetic for the body – paintball. Drive, excitement, and emotions – pure adrenaline for your body and good mood for a long time.
  • ATV rides – travel with a breeze, discovering new uncharted lands. Learn the district, enjoy the nature and inhale the spring.
  • Cycling – not as extreme as a quad bike but also fun and perky. After such a mini-trip you will get a lot of positive emotions and will spend a night of sweet baby sleep.
  • Walking is another activity option for you. By the way, if you travel with your partner, be sure to go to the Bear Path – the place of all lovers.
  • Medieval entertainment – spring knight tournaments in castles. You will have the opportunity to practice throwing and archery and also try on a real medieval costume.
  • Rafting – rafting on powerful mountain rivers in terms of adrenaline surge is comparable only with paragliding. What do you want to try this spring on holiday in the Carpathians?

Carpathian hills

Cultural leisure: where to go, so as not to get bored

For tourist adventures, it is better to choose April-May, when it is already quite warm and you can spend a long time walking along mountain paths, visiting religious sights, and scouring the local market in search of authentic souvenirs.
On spring vacation in the Carpathians, we recommend visiting the castles in the following cities: Uzhgorod, Khust, Chynadiyevsky, Mukachevo. Also, do not bypass the natural attractions – waterfalls Shipot, Guk, and Manyavsky.
Another entertainment in the Carpathians in the spring are festivals. In Uzhgorod, we recommend to visit the erotic literature festival “Tomcats”, the holiday of wine and honey “Sun Drink”, Sakura-Fest, and the festival of medieval culture “Silver Tatosh”.

Mountains from above

Health promotion in the Carpathians in the spring: combining the pleasant with the useful one

In the spring, chronic diseases are exacerbated and after a long winter the body is weakened and needs recharging – it’s time to go on holiday to the Carpathians! In many local sanatoriums, you can improve your health and rest in the Carpathians in the spring for reasonable money. And if you rent a room in a hotel near the sanatoriums and pump rooms, such as the Koruna Hotel, it will turn out even cheaper. Drink some mineral water, take a breath of fresh air, enjoy the SPA procedures – massage, bath, and Carpathian vat.

After a spring holiday in the Carpathians, you will come home refreshed and happy!

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