What to see in Bukovel in spring: the main attractions of the resort

2019-05-21 | koruna
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Table of content:

  1. Waterfall Hook

  2. Waterfall Probiy

  3. “Hutsulshchina”: a creative restaurant-museum

  4. Souvenir market

  5. Vvedenskaya church

  6. Mount Goverla

To truly enjoy the magnificence of the Carpathian Mountains, it is not necessary to go there only in the winter. In the spring, the traveler receives the most incredible entertainment and amazing opportunities. Active and quiet leisure activities, the incredibly beautiful nature of the Carpathians and unforgettable impressions await you all year round. But today we will talk about the most interesting sights that everyone should definitely see.

Waterfall Hook

In the warm season, it is necessary to see the Hook Falls, which is also known as Zhenetsky. This Bukovel’s attraction is beautiful at any time of the year. The waterfall is free to visit. Its sounds are heard within a radius of several hundred meters.

Arriving in Bukovel in the spring, you can enjoy the way Zhenetsky waterfall comes to life and becomes especially full-flowing. In summer, it is surrounded by greenery and herbs but the water does not fall so loud. Every tourist who comes to rest in Bukovel should certainly take a walk in the area and enjoy the power of the environment. You can also stay at the Koruna Hotel from where it is convenient to get to the waterfall.

Waterfall Probiy

Rest in Bukovel in the spring is beautiful especially thanks to the waterfalls. The Probiy waterfall is pure Carpathian water falling from a height of 8 meters. The landmark is located near Yaremche, two kilometers from the railway station. Probiy will fill you with life energy for the year ahead.

The surrounding areas are environmentally friendly, which also has a positive effect on recreation. At any time you can make a stop to eat. Also nearby is an interesting souvenir shop, where there is always a large selection of beautiful things.

“Hutsulshchina”: a Creative Restaurant-Museum

The building of this institution was built without the use of nails, in accordance with old building technologies. The authentic architecture of the building looks beautiful at any time of the year. After you get acquainted with the museum, the Hutsuls will gladly please you with a magnificent feast. Tables are served with traditional ceramic dishes. After serving, you will only need to enjoy the atmosphere and the indescribable taste of the national Hutsul dishes.

Souvenir Market

This market in Yaremche should be considered rather as a place where you can get acquainted with the traditional Hutsul craft. Prices in Bukovel as well as in any hotel in Bukovel in spring are usually lower in this market compared to winter, because there are fewer people than at the height of the tourist season. Ukrainian embroidered shirts, pottery, and bead jewelry are in special demand. Also here you can buy natural products in any shop Bukovel. By the way, the waterfall Probiy is in close proximity to this place.

Vvedenskaya Church

The picturesque village of Polyanytsya, located near Bukovel, is known for its interesting historical sights. Vvedenskaya church is completely made of wood. Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died during the battles during the First World War are buried nearby.
Majestic domes, as well as unique architecture, are striking the eye. Not a single photo will tell you how beautiful this place is. Therefore, we advise you to choose the time to visit this attraction. The temple was built in 1912 and has been open to tourists since 1990 after a large-scale restoration.

Mount Goverla

Goverla mount is the highest mountain in Ukraine. Fans of mountain tourism come here from all over the country for amazing landscapes and breathtaking panoramas. There are many routes through which you can climb the mountain. It is located near the village of Vorokhta (34 kilometers from Bukovel).

These are not all places that can be seen in Bukovel in the spring. Buy train tickets and come to the Carpathians as soon as possible! The Carpathian Mountains are better to see once than to read about them 100 times.

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