Why Is It Worth Spending May Holidays 2021 in the Carpathians?

2019-04-08 | koruna
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  1. The Carpathians in May.

  2. The healing freshness of the air.

  3. A picnic that you will remember for a lifetime.

  4. Exciting activities.

  5. Unique events.

  6. Kitchen.

May holiday have always been associated with sunny, warm, and positive emotions. After a cold winter and windy spring, everyone is looking forward to the beginning of May. This is the first sign of summer and inexplicable magic. The Carpathian mountains will allow you to fully experience the beauty of May nature. Freshness, love, and harmony reign in this place all year round but spring in the Carpathians is always something truly special. And now let’s talk about why you should come to the Carpathians for the May holidays.

a village in the Carpathians

The Carpathians in May

This atmosphere can hardly be conveyed in words:

  • the mountains covered in woods;
  • boundless spaces;
  • dense forests;
  • flowering meadows;
  • high mountains;
  • mighty cliffs;
  • rivers filled with melted snow;
  • waterfalls raging after the winter.

This list is endless. May is the freshness, lightness, and beauty of the untouched, just revived and recovered nature after the winter. Rest in the Carpathians on the May holidays allows you to get closer to the true magic. Believe us, this place will forever remain in your heart.

The Healing Freshness of the Air

From ancient times, people knew that clean mountain air heals not only the soul but also the body. Oxygen is saturated with the scent of pine forests. The hills and mountain slopes are covered with medicinal plants. In the mountains, the powerful energy gives you strength. In this area, you can feel the unity with nature.

Rest in the Carpathians in the private sector, somewhere off the beaten path and away from the tourist-filled cities will provide an opportunity to think about your life and make the right decisions. And if you didn’t manage to rent a house in the Carpathians in May, or you want a comfortable rest, you should visit the Koruna Hotel in Tatarov.

nature in the Carpathians in May

A picnic that you will remember for a lifetime

Stunning mountain nature is the best place for a picnic. Your family will remember this adventure forever. The gurgling spring streams, restless birds singing from dusk to dawn, fresh greens and the smell of herbs will come in your dreams for many more years. Take with you dishes cooked in local restaurants, guitar, tents and forget about the noisy big city.

Exciting entertainment

Mayday in the Carpathian Mountains is a reason to have fun. Horseback riding, cycling, and hiking – choose everything your heart desires. Adrenaline addicted have a great opportunity to ride a quad on the mountain slopes or go down the raging mountain river.

Unique Events

In May, a lot of interesting things happen in the Carpathians. Locals organize large-scale holidays and festivals. In all cities, colorful events and seminars are held. This will allow you to get closer to the colorful Hutsul culture and consider it in all its glory. It is reasonable to rent a hotel in the Carpathians in May in order to have the possibility to choose the entertainments by yourself. Hospitable residents gladly tell amazing stories and mysterious legends. By visiting the local market, you can buy several hand-made souvenirs.

People in the Carpathians


It is foolish to come to the Carpathians and not to taste traditional Hutsul cuisine. Such culinary masterpieces cooked in the open fire you will not try anywhere else. Brynza, mushroom dishes, fish, and fresh meat – in the way that the Hutsuls prepare them, nobody else cooks. Rest in the Carpathians for the May holidays is a reason to spend the weekend outside the city. So pack a suitcase and go with your family and friends to the Carpathians – an amazing fabulous land, which welcomes guests at any time of the year.

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